New Media Industries is a very unique course. Each week students hear from NMC alumni about their experience post graduation and their experience in the workforce.

This course allowed me to see firsthand what different jobs look like in practice and how I might fit into different roles. There was such a diverse group of speakers from freelance, agency work, to corporate! 

On top of that, the course allowed students to build their professional acumen. There are samples of my professional development down below! 

Professional Development #1:

INBOUND certificate

For my first professional development, I choose to do a HubSpot certificate. I chose this because I thought it would further my professional ambition in the marketing industry. I learned a lot doing this certificate. It taught me about how best to organize your marketing system. Each sales department needs to be aware of the happenings in the marketing department and the human resources department. Only when those three can combine forces, will there be productivity. It also showed how companies who don’t know their goals beyond making a profit tend to go out of business much faster than companies who know their identity in the world. It was very well done and enjoyable to complete! I would recommend this certificate.

Professional Development #2:

This was my favorite of the three assignments. I choose to do a podcast review because I really enjoy consuming news and entertainment through podcast form. I had a great experience with this assignment. I most definitely will continue making this podcast part of my day to day life.The notifications are turned on to let me know when a new episode drops!

How I built this with Guy Raz

Professional Development #3:

For my final professional development, I choose do a personality assignment. I had never done one before and was very impressed with how closely the results matched my own perception of myself. I am excited to use this new knowledge in my professional journey because I think it will guide my job search!

NMI Industries Course Summary

During this course, I gained many new skills. I learned and understood how credit cards and credit scores work. After this lesson, I went and applied for a student credit card! This is going to help me in my adult life. More course-related, I learned about different industries that my degree could apply to. This is going to significantly help in my job search.

The projects we completed in this course were professional development projects. I picked these three options because I wanted to add these to my professional acumen. I also picked the ones which I knew I would enjoy. I believe that these projects have made me a more well-rounded candidate for the workforce!

This is my favorite NMI course so far because it gave me so much clarity about what certain industries are like. It can be easy to detach from the real industry in academia and as a result, people pick the wrong job. This speaker series gave me so many insights into what it would be like to freelance versus agency work and much more. I am so appreciative to the NMI for creating this network to which I have access! I look forward to using it to find more connections going forward.